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The Hertfordshire History

Broxbournebury mansion dates back as far as 1086 to the time of The Doomsday Book. Earliest records show that from 1198 it was held by The Order of Knights Hospitallers of St John of Jerusalem until 1553 when the Order was suppressed by King Henry VIII and the estate was granted to Sir John Cock. In 1603 Sir John Cock's son Henry entertained King James here on his return from Scotland to take possession of the throne after the death of Queen Elizabeth I. The estate passed to Henry's daughter after his death who went to marry Sir Richard Lucy. After his death, through marriage, the estate passed to the Monson Family.

In 1789 Jacob Bosanquet II bought the estate. He was the Chairman of the Merchants, Bankers, Traders and other inhabitants of London and its neighbourhood, and after the declaration he made on July 26th 1803 in London, was appointed The High Sheriff of Hertfordshire. He went on to marry Henrietta Armatage on September 27th 1790. She did not stay as Mistress of the Manor for long as she died on October 18th 1797. She lies in the vault of Broxbourne Church along with a memorial of Jacob Bosanquet who later died in 1828. His eldest son George Bosanquet inherited the estate. Soon after, his daughter succeeded him and it descended to the Smith Bosanquet family in 1858 after her marriage to Horace James Smith of Sacome Park, Hertfordshire.

The estate then passed to his son Major General Richard Smith Bosanquet in 1908. The Bosanquet family owned the estate until 1947 when it was sold to Hertfordshire County Council. During World War II the government used Broxbournebury Mansion as a paper store and then went on to become a school.

Since then is has become The Hertfordshire, a traditional and elegant Golf and Country Club. The mansion is now serving as the clubhouse and still contains many original stonework and architectural designs from Jacob Bosanquet's days here. You can feel the history from the moment you come up the 750 yard drive and when you're relaxing in the bar, admiring the scenery.